Americans tell Trump and Pruitt: Protect Clean Water

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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September 27, 2017


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Americans tell Trump and Pruitt: Protect Clean Water

Washington – A broad coalition of groups announced today that more than 540,000 comments were submitted to EPA demanding the agency drop its dangerous plan to repeal the Clean Water Rule.  The coalition includes American Rivers, Clean Water Action, CREDO, Earthjustice, Environment America, League of Conservation Voters, LULAC, Natural Resources Defense Council, PolicyLink, SELC, and many other local, regional, and national environmental and conservation, equity and justice focused organizations, health, and business groups. In addition, 417 organizations signed a letter opposing this reckless repeal  effort.

Americans expect EPA to protect clean water. They oppose weakening safeguards for streams, wetlands, and drinking water. Since 2014, more than a million people have urged EPA to prioritize protecting clean water. 

Slashing safeguards for clean water will impact all Americans. But low-income communities and communities of color will likely bear the brunt of this assault. Failing infrastructure and polluted water and air cause a variety of health problems and these communities often suffer the impacts more acutely. Stripping protections for clean water could magnify these problems and put families and individuals at an even greater risk of poor health outcomes.

Here are excerpts of the comments submitted today by Americans from coast to coast:

"Dear Administrator Pruitt, I am deeply appalled and outraged by your assaults on clean water for all Americans. Clean water is the backbone of healthy communities and a healthy economy." - Sarah, Silver Spring, MD

"I'm old enough to remember the bad old days when rivers would catch on fire due to all the pollutants and poisons that were allowed to be discharged into them. I do NOT want to return to those days. We have worked too hard and come too far to go back." - Catherine, Cuyahoga, OH

"Administrator Pruitt, Water is sacred and we all need clean water to live. EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment. Repealing the Clean Water Rule couldn't be further from that mission." - Marsha, Marshall, NC

"Administrator Pruitt, Water is life. For humans that means clean water. I urge you to reconsider your position and stop the repeal of this commonsense protection for vital water resources." - Sally, Minneapolis, MN

"Administrator Pruitt, Rigging the process so the outcome benefits polluters and other special interests is unconscionable. People rely on clean water, and profit-taking corporations not only interfere with the appropriate distribution of clean water, they pollute groundwater and products toxic waste water that they should clean up, not just get away with dumping. Repealing the Clean Water Rule will lead many Americans' water in worse shape, and proposing a new, weaker rule would leave vital water-bodies vulnerable to polluters." - Kae, Lancaster, CA

"Administrator Pruitt, Water is one of our most valuable resources. It is essential to all life. Please do not repeal the Clean Water Rule nor propose a new, weaker rule that leaves vital water-bodies vulnerable to polluters." - Jeanne, Chapel Hill, NC

"Administrator Pruitt, Repeal of the Clean Water Rule would be very troubling. Only someone young or old with a short memory would propose it. Those of us who have been around a long time can remember when the Cuyahoga River would burst into flames and Boston Harbor was unswimable. We don't want any steps backward to the bad old days. Repealing the rule would be bad for our health and bad for the economy. Please leave the rule intact." - Phillip, Weston, MA

"Administrator Pruitt, Clean water is needed to succeed. Repealing the Clean Water Rule will harm the economy and put public health at risk." - Natalie, Dallas, TX

"Administrator Pruitt, As a very concerned citizen, I urge you to reconsider your position and stop the repeal of the Clean Water Rule, a commonsense protection for vital water resources. EPA's mission is to PROTECT human health and the environment and repealing the Clean Water Rule is the antithesis of that mission." - Marianne, Rockville, MD

"I worked for the National Park Service for 40 years, living in beautiful areas while safeguarding each Park. Please don't take our wilderness and beautiful areas away from us. The widely-supported Clean Water Rule helps the Clean Water Act achieve its goals by clarifying which waters are protected by the Act. It better protects millions of acres of small streams and wetlands that serve as critical fish and wildlife habitat as well as provide the drinking water for 117 million Americans. The rule is guided by sound science, extensive and transparent public input, and the law." - Janet, Helena, MT

"Dear Administrator Pruitt, Be a true conservative and conserve our nations resources for the next generation! Please do not repeal the Clean Water Rule nor propose a new, weaker rule that leaves vital water-bodies vulnerable to polluters." - Ralf, Grand Rapids, MI

"Administrator Pruitt, We all are the custodians of our planet's resources. What kind of society, what kind of a civilization, what kind of a nation - puts the desires and profits of a few corporations and already very rich company heads above the welfare and future of its people? Only clear and bold, unselfish vision and action by our leaders stands between 'business as usual' and a clean, healthy nation today and into the future." - Jeffery, San Bruno, CA

"Administrator Pruitt, Clean water is the backbone of healthy communities and a healthy economy. PLEASE stop the process of repealing the Clean Water Rule. Thank you for your consideration." - Rumi, Bethesda, MD

"I would like to think my children, their children, and future generations will have the benefit of clean water.  Please rethink this proposed action." - Paul, Newaygo, MI:

Nearly 45 years after the passage of the Clean Water Act, we have made tremendous progress, but many of our rivers, lakes, and bays are still not safe for swimming or fishing. Rolling back the Clean Water Rule will set that progress back. Families will not accept a future of more polluted rivers and more dirty water flowing through our taps, our communities, and our bodies.

The Trump administration underestimates how much the public cares about commonsense protections for clean water. Millions of Americans have spoken loudly and will continue to insist that we protect clean water, not polluters.