Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020
Zoom, Massachusetts

As many of us, including Clean Water Fund's staff, find ourselves inside and working from home, how can we make sure those environments are as safe and healthy as possible?  

Indoor air is often more polluted than outside air, due to toxins from consumer products like furniture, food packaging, and even the cleaners we use to clean, disinfect and protect ourselves from threats like COVID-19. How do we know what products have problematic chemicals and which are safer?   

Thursday, Sep 10, 2020
Austin, Texas

It's time to celebrate our community and our fight for clean water once again!

We have re-branded out annual Spring for Water celebration as Fall for Water this year due to COVID-19. We will have much to celebrate.

Please join us at Clean Water Fund's “2020 Fall for Water Birthday Bash” at the Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom,  10463 Sprinkle Rd, Austin, TX 78754 on Thursday September 10, from 6-9 PM.