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Unwelcoming Committee

New Billboards Warn That Trump Administration Will Sell Public Lands to the Highest Bidder

January 17, 2020

Spoof Realty Billboards Will Elevate the Liquidation of Public Lands by William Perry Pendley, Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management & David Bernhardt, Secretary of the Department o

Eckert Power Plant, Lansing

Trump’s Toxic Water Plan for Power Plants is Riddled with Polluter Loopholes

December 19, 2019

Proposed Rule Would Allow Coal Utilities to Continue to Use Old, Ineffective Pollution Treatment

Crater Lake

We Need to Fully Fund the LWCF

December 2, 2019

Fully Funding the LWCF is Important, Especially Now

Toxic Power Plant near a fishing spot - Photo courtesy Pete Harrsion, Waterkeeper Alliance

Trump administration guts water pollution controls for coal plants, putting industry profits before public health

November 4, 2019

Today the Trump administration continued its assault on the Clean Water Act and signed a proposal to weaken effluent limitation guidelines (ELGs) for the power plant industry.

Conservation Groups Challenge Repeal of Clean Water Act Protections in Federal Court

"The only people who support this outrageous repeal are the corporate polluters who stand to benefit from making it easier to contaminate streams or to fill in wetlands, while burdening communities downstream with their pollution," said Jennifer Peters, National Water Programs director for Clean Water Action. "Americans understand the importance of clean water and expect our government officials to do more, not less, to protect it. We're going to fight this scheme, along with the rest of the Trump administration's dirty water agenda."