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Your septic system is likely the most expensive appliance in your house, but are you taking care of it? Flushing the wrong things down the pipes, not sticking to a schedule of regular maintenance, and treating your drain field poorly are common reasons why a septic system fails prematurely. Fixing or replacing a failed or failing septic system is expensive, and while it is failed it is releasing untreated waste into nearby waterways or into your yard! 

A regular schedule of maintenance and treating your septic system well will prolong its life for the betterment of your home and surrounding waterways!

Howard County runs a program to help residents with pumpouts. For Howard County's program, check out Howard County Septic Savers.

Join us at one of 5 upcoming webinars to learn more about the important role that your septic system plays in keeping your home habitable and protecting our waterways.
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For Our Water

Improperly managed septic systems can release untreated, or partially treated, waste to nearby streams and rivers as well as groundwater. Untreated waste poses a human health risk to others and impairs water quality.

Streams throughout Howard County are impaired due to excess nutrients and fecal bacteria. While most of Howard County's Poor and Very Poor quality streams are in the heavily developed areas of Ellicott City, Elkridge, and Columbia, there are others in Western Howard County that are Very Poor, Poor, and Fair.

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For Your Home

Improperly managed septic systems can lead to premature failure, including in-home sewage backups and stagnant drainfields. By taking care of your septic system today, you are decreasing your chances of needing an expensive repair in the future.

System repairs can be upwards of $50,000, depending on the work that needs to be done and whether or not there is a suitable location for a second drainfield. Preserving the usefulness of an existing drainfield extends its life.



Read more about what you can do to live harmoniously with your septic system!

These educational webinars are sponsored by Howard County and the Chesapeake Bay Trust!

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