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Publications by Clean Water Fund

Factsheet: Lead and Drinking Water

To protect public health, we must reduce lead exposure at the drinking water tap.

Letter to EPA: Propose PFAS Standards in Drinking Water

Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund co-authored and mobilized allies to sign a letter urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Biden Administration to propose first-ever federal drinking water standards for some PFAS chemicals. EPA was supposed to publish the proposal in late 2022 but has yet to do so. The following letter, signed by over 100 environmental organizations, urges Administration officials and EPA to move forward which will lead to a public comment period and then finalization of Safe Drinking Water Act limits.

Clean Water Action y Clean Water Fund Informe Anual 2021

2021 trajo importantes cambios y nuevos avances en materia de agua limpia, clima y justicia ambiental

Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund 2021 Annual Report

2021 brought major changes, new progress on clean water, climate and environmental justice.

ReThink Disposable Case Study | House of Dim Sum (English & Chinese)

With support from ReThink Disposable, the House of Dim Sum restaurant eliminated 2.2 million disposable items from their yearly supply costs - an upfront investment of just $429 that will save $33,561 per year.

Groundwater Sustainability Assessments in California

California passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) almost a decade ago as a step to bring the states’ depleted groundwater aquifers to sustainability. With increased droughts, the implementation of SGMA and protection of vulnerable communities dependent on small water systems and domestic wells is urgent. Over the last 2 years, Clean Water Action has reviewed and analyzed over 95 groundwater sustainability plans, in every groundwater basin covered by SGMA, closely evaluating the steps local agencies are taking to protect vulnerable communities.