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Publications by Clean Water Fund

More information about PFAS

Learn more about toxic PFAS chemicals by downloading our Massachusetts PFAS Fact Sheets below.

The Roadmap for Reform

Over the last decade of research and advocacy, Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund has found that activities essential to oil and gas operations cannot be conducted without regulatory and legislative loopholes that put water at risk.

Clean Water Action y Clean Water Fund Informe Anual 2018

Adoptando una postura para proteger el agua limpia. El ambiente político y de política para proteger el agua limpia nunca ha sido más desafiante. Clean Water Action, sus miembros y sus aliados permanecen a la vanguardia de la lucha para mantener las protecciones fundamentales fuertes y eficaces — para nuestra agua, nuestra salud, nuestro clima y el futuro del planeta. Sin embargo, 2018 trajo algunas victorias importantes, y logros constantes en el tamaño y la fuerza de nuestro movimiento de agua limpia.

Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund 2018 Annual Report

Taking A Stand to Protect Clean Water

Download the PDF version

The political and policy environment for protecting clean water has never been more challenging. Clean Water Action, its members and

What's In The Package? Unveiling the Toxic Secrets of Food and Beverage Packaging

This report investigates the issue of chemicals in food packaging and their impact on the safety of what American consumers eat and drink.

Reducing Litter and Achieving Zero Waste by Charging for Take-Out Cups

Surveys were conducted with 95 café owners and 461 customers across San Francisco that sell to-go beverages in disposable cups. The goal of the survey was to determine what current practices and behaviors businesses utilize to incentivize BYO behavior, current consumer habits and reasons, and opinions on future options.